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Meet Your Photographer

First, let me thank you for checking out my work and considering me for your photo and video based projects. Talking about myself isn't a strength of mine, but here's a little background: I've been shooting professionally in the Bay Area for the past 13 years. Originally from Indiana, I started making pictures at a young age with my Dad's old Canonet QL-17 G-III. This is him in 1978:

Dad framing up a shot in Hawaii, 1978.

Film was fun, but my interest in photography grew even faster when I got my first digital camera. I loved instantly knowing whether I'd hit the mark or made mistakes, and processing images in Photoshop felt magical. I fashioned a makeshift studio in my parents' basement using PVC pipe to hold up a fabric backdrop. I spray painted an old rain umbrella silver on the inside and attached it to a wire music stand for a diffuser. And though brutally hot, I used a cheap set of halogen shop lamps for lighting. It certainly wasn't glamorous, but it was a start.

Shooting in my makeshift studio in the early 2000's.

James Jordan



I learned what works and what doesn't through enthusiastic experimentation, and gradually developed a feel for creating great images. In a flattering (if infuriating) moment, a technician at a local photo center refused to print my images because she didn't believe that this kid in front of her could have taken them!

I went on to study photography in college, and through a lot of hard work and practice, I built a strong foundation in the fundamentals, honed my creative eye, and most importantly, developed the right instincts. I went into business for myself after spending more than a decade in the corporate world building brands, doing product and headshot photography, shooting videos and leading teams. Now I'm pursuing my passion full-time. 

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