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Why Retouching a Picture is Important

Looking at a picture of someone is vastly different than sitting across the table from that same person. When you're face-to-face, your mind is processing all kinds of stimuli. You're thinking about what they're saying. You're thinking about how to respond. You're considering their feelings. You're wondering what they think of you. You're filtering out environmental distractions. Everything is multidimensional and complex. 

Now consider a picture. It's two-dimensional. A moment frozen in time. You're unburdened by pretext or nuance or other social concerns because you know the representation you're looking at isn't looking back at you. It isn't moving. It isn't speaking or listening. And without all of that stimuli, you're suddenly free to take in all the detail that you probably wouldn't have noticed. You can be critical without judgement. Curious without shame. And you can take your time doing it. It's not at all natural.

Retouching brings back the human connection. It simplifies your picture by removing distractions that would likely go unnoticed in a social setting. It's an art that requires instinct, refinement and precision - and the result should feel like a genuine representation of the person you are in person


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